About Us

Welcome to Worlds Factory™, our haven, where we humbly present you our opinions and analysis on the many fictional worlds that every day captivate the imagination of millions of people.

Of course, our community is highly interactive, and you’re able to comment on the articles, and even submit your review on a specific game or product!

Nathaniel Gonzales
Nathaniel Gonzales – Owner of Worlds Factory™

Why Worlds Factory™

The idea developed on its own because video games and the likes share a common denominator: in all cases, they shift us in fictional worlds that might or might not be possible.

They might be unconventional; they might be original, but more importantly, they are different from the daily routine that too often tries to choke our personality and identity in so many ways.

In these worlds, the fictional characters involved (those that we tend to identify with, conscious or not) may live. Thanks to the Master Crafters, not only fantastic adventures are pushing the boundaries of the imagination but also, and more importantly, they can overcome injustice and adversities, things that each one of us might experience every day.

These stories, then, acquire a social purpose as well, and this is precisely why their success cannot be surprising to the keen observer.

We want to provide you a unique looking glass not only on video games but also on the creative procedures behind them. Welcome to Worlds Factory™.

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