8 ball pool tips and tricks

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

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8 ball pool tips and tricks

If you love 8 Ball Pool , you will be looking for every possibility to win this game against your competitors.

Of course, it is an entertaining game. But, it will take you through a long journey irrespective of whether you make wins or you face losses.

For instance, when you face wins, you will be interested in registering more wins. On the other hand, if you start losing, you will be more focused on getting at least a single win.

To help you get wins on this game, we have compiled some useful tips and tricks to help you.

Tips For Playing 8 Ball Pool

  1. Make the wise choice of tables to play
  2. Do not forget to open the 8 Ball Pool App every day on your smartphone
  3. Shop a better cue
  4. Do not use too much English
  5. Shoot at a faster pace
  6. Extend your aim

Here, let us gain some details on the tips given above:

Choose Your Tables to Play Wisely

8 ball pool table selection
Image: imore.com

Are you starting new in this game? If so, you will not want to get propelled out of your little coin collection by some big sharks out there.

For beginners like you, there are many tables available to play. But, you will find that these tables will have a larger entry fee. Until you get used to the pool cue, it is better to stick to the Downtown London Pub.

After this, you can try moving to Sydney. When you find that with each table, the fee for entry goes up, the pots will also grow in the same say. When you choose more advanced tables and register your wins there, you can make money faster in this game.

But, remember that before you hit the high-stake tables, you should hone your skills accordingly.

Open the 8 Ball Pool App Every Day

8 ball pool surprise boxes
Image: imore.com

You might think that you do not have the time to play a full round daily. You might be opening the app only on weekends. But, even if you do not have time to play a full round, make it a practice to open the game app daily.

The reason is that when you do this, you will get a free spin on the Spin and Win Lever. Also, spins will help you earn cash, coins, and even mystery boxes. In turn, you can construct better pool cues one piece after another.

Of course, you might think about purchasing more spins. However, using this method will help you do it with ease. You can also start building up your cash and coin collection. Most importantly, you can do this without even playing a single round of pool.

Shop a Better Cue

8 ball pool beginner cues
Image: imore.com

Shopping for better cues is a faster way to gain an advantage immediately at the beginning of the game. You will initially earn some coins to upgrade your cue. By using these coins, you can improve your success rate in matches.

Also, these initial cues can bring you better benefits. For instance, with them, you can make your shot with more power. Also, you can increase the time you have to shoot and can also improve your control over the cue ball.

Also, they will help you with extending your aiming guides, as well. The idea to remember here is that the more you play better will be the number of cues you can unravel for purchasing.

In the beginning, it is fine to play with the cues to which you can gain access. However, as you register more time and make more wins, using the coins you earn in the game, you can purchase better cues with more significant advantages.

Do Not Use Too Much English

8 ball pool english shot
Image: imore.com

The term English here does not refer to the language. But, it denotes the spin that you put on the cue ball when you take the shots.

At times, you will have to face some tricky shots, where you will find that the ball that you wish to sink is very close to the pocket. When this is the case, you will be thinking about hitting the cue ball with the least power.

But, rather than doing it, you can just tap on the button of the cue ball that you find in the top right corner of the screen. From this place, you can cover the specific place that you wish to make contact with on the cue ball. When you tap near the bottom, it will add backspin.

It will be a convenient option if the ball that you aim is close to the pocket. When you tap near the top, it will add the front spin. This will lead to the propelling of the ball forward.

This will happen even after the cue ball strikes the focus ball. On the other hand, when you tap on the sides, the cue ball can be moved in the desired route after the target ball is hit. In turn, the cue ball will set you up for the next shot.

The thing to remember here is that it can be tricky to use English. So, it would be wise to practice on this tip a lot before trying it on the actual game.

During the practice sessions, you can try out with different contact spots on the cue ball and varied ratios of English for powering on each of your shots until you turn out to be an expert player.

Shoot at a Faster Pace

8 ball pool time win
Image: imore.com

In the 8 Ball Pool, if you find that your turn suddenly pops-up, there is a great chance to make a mistake. Instead, when you can know your turn in advance, you can keep yourself prepared with proper planning.

How is this possible?

You can look for a little green square that cloaks your avatar and begins counting down your time. As we are suggesting you line up the shots quickly, you can do it by tapping and pulling on the surface of the pool table before the cue tip.

In addition to making your cue faster, this arrangement will also help you create more accurate shot adjustments. You can do this by pulling from the handle of the cue until it gets to the place where you want it to be precisely placed.

Extend Your Aim

8 ball pool extend your aim
Image: imore.com

With the fundamental cue, once you place the cue ball in-line with the ball that you wish to pocket, you will see that petite lines will show up presenting you the route in which the target ball will move.

Here, you can use a simple trick to aim better. Just take a tiny piece of paper or anything with a straight edge. Once you line up the shot, make sure that you hold the upright corner amid the focus lines and the pocket to which you wish to send the target ball.

This will help you get a superior knowledge when your target is precise. Always remember that the clock is ticking. So, you will have to do it quickly.


The tips given above will help you master this game. You will get better in the 8 Ball Pool game when you follow these tips. Please do not forget to leave your comment on whether these tricks worked for you.

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