how to attack in clash of clans

How to Attack in Clash of Clans

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how to attack in clash of clans

Attacking in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an intense action game. No wonder, the popular game involves attacks and invasions on the part of the players. You will need to wage an attack on other players in the game to acquire loots or resources to upgrade your Town Hall level.

Successful attacks will also help you to earn trophies. Now, the question is how to attack in Clash of Clans. Well, the post below offers some tips on carrying successful attacks in the game.

Attacking for farming

Farming is the process of upgrading resources by stealing the resources of other players. This step is not about gaining trophies and mostly focuses on acquiring Gold & Elixir by invasion. 

There are different army compositions for waging an attack for farming:


This Army combination is made of Barbarians & Archers. The main goal of creating such an army combination is to wage frequent attacks yet at a low cost.

The Barb/Arch army mostly focuses on rendering the chief splash defense with the help of Lightning Spells before an attack. It’s advised to avoid bases with wizard towers or higher mortars. 

In case you need to wage an attack on these towers, you must drop the troops in the arc around these towers. This way, these towers won’t be able to target your every troop at once.


This is a powerful combo of Barbarian, Archer as well as the speedy Minions. If you want to pace up the attack frequency, this is the ideal combination for you. You can also count on this army combo when you have to get more Elixir and Gold.

It’s usually deployed along with the powerful Lightning Spells. The BAM combo’s strengths are faster production time, low cost, and ability to attack bases with weak Air Defence.

When it comes to attacking with BAM, the tactics are the same as the Barb/Arch. However, the addition of minions will enable you to launch an attack on sides as well with Wizard Towers/Air Defence.

It’s suggested to wage attacks from one single side when you start. According to experts, when attacking with BAM, your focus should be on bases with exposed or low-level Wizard Towers and Air Defence.

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This is a combination of Wall Breakers, Goblins as well as Giants. Such an army is one of the best for farming in lower townhalls. Goblins are undoubtedly the star of this combination, while Wallbreakers are helpful to loot hard-to-reach storages, and Giants assist as mighty Meat Shields.

This army aims to reach storages and collectors as earliest possible & loot their resources before their defenses jump to defeat the goblins. 

You can deploy Giants here to distract Wizard towers and Mortars so that Goblins get some room for action. WAGG is your army when you are eyeing maximum loot with minimal troops.

Attacking for trophies


It’s a powerful army comprised of expensive 2-3 star CoC attack army. The main goal here is to utilize the superior hit pointers of Pekkas and Golems to attract enemy fire. It will enable you to assure solid damage every second so that you can bring down towers faster.

The strategy here is to drop Golems first. It will help to attract the fire. Then, you will send the wizards to the enemy camp. You should drop the wall breakers occasionally to cross the initial walls. After you have cleared distracting buildings, you can drop Pekkas, which will earn you additional DPS.

As per the veteran players, you should focus your attack on one single side. Moreover, they suggest attacking those places that can assure the highest splash damage.

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