Anonymous Gamer Playing Fortnite Game On Xbox One System

How to Change Fortnite Name

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Anonymous Gamer Playing Fortnite Game On Xbox One System

Changing a Fortnite name

Are you frustrated with your old Fortnite name and want to change it to a new one? It could be that you messed up a little during registration, which has eventually left you with a flawed name.

And now, you want to correct it. But how to change Fortnite name? Well, don’t worry- it’s a simple process, and below is a guide on changing Fortnite names on different devices.

Changing Fortnite name on the PS4 console

Step 1: Change the existing name

First of all, you won’t be able to change your Fortnite name from your existing PSN on your PS4 console. It means you will have to change your current name ID to register the new name.

Step 2: Go to the Epic Games website

After you go to the Epic Games website, sign in with existing Epic account details. As you reach your Epic profile, click on the profile name. Next, you will click on the connected account. After that, you will have to “UNLINK” the existing account from the PS4 network. So, click on the “disconnect” tab.

Step 3: Unlink PS4 network

When you click on the “disconnect” tab, a pop-up message will appear saying- “unlock your PlayStation network from this account.” You will see four options popping up before you. Select all of them. Next, look for the “unlink” tab and click on it. You will now create your new PSN.

Step 4: Link to new PSN

Then, you will have to link the Epic account with the new PSN that you have created just now on the console. Look for the “connect” tab on your PS4 network and click on it.

Step 5: Link PSN

Next, you will have to log in to your PS4 network. As you enter your account, look for a tab called “link your account.” Click on it.

Step 6: Go Back

As you click on it, a confirmation message will come up. Then, look for the tab “BACK” and click on it. Do not click on “Continue.” If you do that, you will be reverted the old PSN.

Step 7: Sign in with new PSN

Next, you will be directed to Sony Network. Sign in with a new PSN password and email. Don’t use the old one.

Step 8: Go to the console

Now, you will head to your PS4 console. You will sign in to your newly-created PSN account. After that, Open the Fortnite game. Press on the “Log in” tab and enter the email of the new PSN. 

Then, click on the tab that says, “One Time Password.” You will be directed to a new page. There, you will enter the email of your new PSN. Next, click on the tab that says, “Send Password.”

Step 9: Enter OTP

You will get an OTP in your email inbox from Epic. Type that on-screen and start playing your favorite Fortnite game.

Gamer playing Fortnite game on Nintendo Switch

Change Fortnite name on PC

Step 1: Run the launcher

First, you will have to run the Epic Games Launcher on your PC.

Step 2: Click on Fortnite name

You will find your existing Fortnite name on the upper right side of your screen. Click on it and go to “Manage Accounts” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Go to Personal Details

You will be directed to the Personal Details page. You will find a text box before you headed “Display Name.” Enter your preferred name here.

Step 4: Save the new name

Go down, and you will see a button saying “Save Changes.” Click on it to save your new Fortnite name.

Changing Fortnite name on the phone

To change Fortnite name on the phone, you will need to change your existing name in Epic account. After you change it there, the new name will appear on your phone.

The display name can be changed once in two weeks.

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