how to crouch jump in pubg

How to Crouch Jump in PUBG?

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how to crouch jump in pubg

Crouch Jump in PUBG

When it comes to clearing a window in PUBG, Crouch Jump is one of the techniques followed by many players.

The other popular method is vaulting. The former involves getting near a window by running and jumping and then instantly crouching at almost the same time.

When the vaulting option cannot be done in your PC, crouching is a useful technique to move back. This is also the technique to follow when you wish to escape from a building quickly.

Even though crouch jumping was popular earlier, most players these days choose to vault out of the windows after this facility was launched. Above all, they know that it is hard to master Crouch Jump.

Also, it is done only by those playing from their PC as the Xbox gaming console does not permit it. On the other hand, Vaulting was introduced much earlier in Xbox. So, Xbox players know well about vaulting, and they do not want to learn how to crouch jump.

Comparing Crouching and Vaulting

Both of these techniques are similar when it comes to speed. Here, speed denotes the duration it takes for clearing a window. However, speed is not the metric that creates a difference in them.

However, they are different from each other concerning combat readiness. If you crouch jump, you can shoot half a second earlier as compared to Vaulting. Also, players crouching the window of certain buildings will face less damage as compared to the effect they face when they vault out.

It means that even though crouch jumping is hard to master, it is surely a valuable technique to learn if you are an ardent PUBG gamer.

Now, let us learn how to crouch jump. You can practice it with the tips given below and choose this as the best alternative to vaulting to get many benefits:

How to Crouch Jump?

  1. To do this, you will have first to get very close to a window.
  2. Jump very hard in such a way that the head of your avatar hits the top of the PUBG window frame.
  3. Now, crouch in such a way that you can size through the window when you continue to move forward.
Crouch Jump in PUBG


The most important tip to remember here is that you will have to do the steps mentioned above at a faster pace. It would be best if you did this when you are simultaneously pressing the Move Forward button, which is the “W” key, which most players use.

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