how to get better at cs:go

How to Get Better at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)?

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how to get better at cs:go

Getting Better at CS:GO

To get better at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), you might be aware that you should aim better. When you aim better in this game, you are almost a better CS:GO player. The other things you will have to focus on getting better in this game are team play, map knowledge, and game sense.

When talking about aiming, it is a complex and deep subject in CS:GO. However, let us get into an overview of the essential elements and the ideal practices for aiming. We will understand certain things about crosshair placement, movement, and shooting and recoil/spray pattern control.

Crosshair Placement

crosshair placement cs:go

When you learn to pay attention to headshots in CS:GO, you will become a better player as months and years pass. You can improve your aiming in many ways. However, one of the ideal ways is to place your crosshair at the probable place at which the opponent’s head will appear.

It will generally be at the end of the obstacle or wall. Here, it would be good to practice to attach your crosshair to the corner of the wall, where you intend to pass the head level. In turn, it will shorten the distance; you will have to move your pointer to hit the target.

In simple words, it will make you appear at a faster pace. This is something essential when you peek around corners. This can happen when you are rushing or even when defending a particular angle. It is better to follow this as the regular practice to point at the head level and making some changes for varied distances.

Here, it would be a great idea to keep yourself aware of the most common spots in which enemies show interest to attack to safeguard themselves. It is better to practice this on the presently popular maps.

When you walk around the map, practice these pre-aiming tactics. Instantly when you bend around a corner, watch the most-likely place. This will equip you with a pre-shooting chance, mainly when you are sure that the opponent is there.

Even, pre-shooting and pre-aiming strategies will confuse your enemies on whether you are cheating or not.

Movement and Shooting

movement cs:go

It is better to learn how to move smart when you are in combat. Strafe shooing and sidestep excellent examples for intelligent moves. To make sure that your aim will be precise, your challenge will be to sync your shooting and movement.

When you strafe using the A & D keys, your aim should be precise, remembering that you will slide for a short time. But, you can gain instant precision. You can do this by tapping once in the other direction.

You can get used to it with ease using a dynamic crosshair. Once you get used to it, you should practice to step right and left constantly when shooting at the same spot every time you are changing the direction.

Remember not to go too fast initially. When you do this, you will train bad aiming habits. Instead, it is better to begin as slow as required to hit the same spot again and again.

Once you get used to it, you can try doing it at a faster pace. However, you will have to remember one thing here. The pressure created by competitive engagement can get you out of sync.

Nevertheless, you will experience that it will improve with combat routine and practice. You can begin your training by pointing on a wall. Then, you can practice using bots and later on aiming maps. Once you do both, you can improve yourself in using this technique in competitive games.

Recoil/Spray Pattern Control

Recoil / Spray Pattern Control CS:GO

Based on the weapon you choose, only the initial one or two shots will land with appropriateness when you aim. The next shots will follow a spray pattern that is identified for each weapon.

Also, it will happen from added randomness. You can quickly learn the spray pattern of the gun you like the most. You can do this by emptying an entire magazine into a wall.

You will see that all guns will go up for initial 6-8 shots. After that, they will go either back, right, or left.

You can reimburse this recoil effect. This can be done by moving your pointer in the opposite route of the spray pattern. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of practice to get the movement and timing at many distances.

Initially, you will have to pay attention to taking hold of the initial 6-8 shots. Only then, you should try going up.

Here is a step-by-step guide on practicing:

  • Just open an empty server
  • In the console, configure the server for training
  • You might have decided that you will have to improve your aiming at a particular weapon. Just buy that weapon. If you have not decided on any such weapon, you can start with AK47.

Start practicing following the tips given below:

  1. Shoot against the wall. When you do this, control your spray pattern.
  2. Try doing some single shots
  3. Then, you can try two shots making sure that both lands in the same spot based on the weapon you have chosen.
  4. Now, practice to pull down at a suitable time to make sure that all bullets land at the same spot.
  5. Then, move on practicing three, four and further shots
  6. Remember that it would be better to progress to more shots only after mastering a level.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wallpaper

When you are working on your aiming, you will have to follow the dos and don’ts given below for better results:


  • Choose headshots
  • Try using spray pattern control
  • Make sure that the crosshair is at the head level
  • Learn to strafe or sidestep shoot
  • Pre-aim on the most likely spots


  • Do not aim at the air or the ground
  • Do not shoot when you are running

Without any doubt, improving your aiming in CS:GO is highly possible. To achieve this, learning the right techniques and implementing them in the real game situations alone will boost your confidence level in your aiming.

As a final word, we wish to stress on practicing a lot.

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