How to Get Free Crystals in Marvel Contest of Champions?

How to Get Free Crystals in Marvel Contest of Champions?

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Marvel Contest of Champions crystals

Getting Free Marvel Contest of Champions Crystals

Crystals are undoubtedly one of the most coveted in-game units in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC). And, pricey too. Thus, the players are often eager to know how to get free crystals in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Now, the question is whether it’s possible to get the crystals actually for free. Well, the answer is “yes.” There are several ways by which you can receive the MCoC crystals for free.

The post below sheds light on the various ways to acquire free crystals in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Log in for seven days

The Marvel Contest of Champions offers a reward for players who log into the game for seven days in a row. But you have to be consistent with your login. If you miss out on one day in between, you will have to re-start the process once again.

When you log in to MCoC for seven days straight, you are rewarded with free crystal shards. On your seventh day, you will receive 1,000 free crystal shards!

Count on special Crystal events

The “Versus” category of MCoC features special events, particularly for crystals at regular intervals. These include Crystal Splash, Crystal Cornucopia, Summoner Trials, and so on.

These events offer rewards in the form of crystals as well as crystal shards. So, try to participate in more and more such events to collect a good lot of free crystals.

MCoC crystals

Count on app credits

Some apps are ready to offer you free credits when you download them on your mobile phone. These credits can be redeemed for gift cards at Google Play or iTunes Store.

You can further use these gift cards for purchasing MCoC crystals through the in-game shops. And that too, without paying a single penny from your pocket.

Try to win Story Quest

You will receive free crystals as rewards if you can with Act 1 Story Quest round. Don’t worry. It’s a relatively simple contest and one of the easiest ways to acquire free of charge crystals.

Play Event Quest

This is another easy way to earn free MCoC crystals.

You will be able to win tons of crystal shards if you take part in Event Quest. You have to play in “Normal” and “Beginner” mode difficulties.

Take part in surveys

There are several sites today that offer free credits for completing surveys. These surveys are run by various business brands that conduct the surveys to gather market knowledge.

The free credits that you earn for completing the surveys can be redeemed for Apple Store or Google Play gift cards. You can use these cards later to buy MCoC crystals without spending any money on your part.

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