Teenager playing Fortnite on a Playstation 4

How to Gift in Fortnite

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Teenager playing Fortnite on a Playstation 4

Gifting in Fortnite

Fortnite players have long been requesting for gifting facilities in the game. Interestingly, Epic Games came up with the gifting mode in the 4.5 updates, but that was not made active.

Finally, the 6.31 update of the game has granted the long-coveted wish of the gamers and unveiled the gifting facilities. At present, Fortnite players are allowed to send cosmetic gifts to their friends.

These include skins, emotes, outfits, free v-bucks, and so on. But a lot of players are confused about how to gift in Fortnite? Are you too looking for tips on how to gift the in-game treasures to your fellow players?

Well, not to worry, the post below offers a step by step on sending a gift in Fortnite.

Step 1 – Go to Item Shop

First, you will head to Item Shop to choose your Fortnite gift. Go to main lobby page of the game, and you will find the shop. You will find the store bustling with a versatile collection of Fortnite gift items. Choose one that you think your recipient will find useful.

Step 2 – Buy the gift

After you select your gift, you will move to the purchase screen. Once you reach there, you will get two options. One is to purchase for yourself, and the other is to send it as a gift.

As you are planning to gift, look for the button that says “buy as a gift”. Click on it to confirm your order. It’s to note here you can gift multiple items to a fellow player. Fortnite allows up to 3 gifts in one day.

Step 3 – Specify the sender

Next, you will need to specify the recipient of the gift. Make sure the person is on your gaming friend list. In case, s/he is not. You will need to add the person first as otherwise, you can’t send the gift.

It could be that one of your friends has recently started playing the game and you want to help him by offering a cosmetic gift. That’s great but enlists him in your friend list first.

So, after you confirm the purchase, you will go to your Fortnite friend’s list. Select your preferred recipient and press the “Continue” tab.

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Step 4 – Add message

Are you sending the Fortnite gift top someone like a New Year present? Or is it a special birthday gift for an ardent Fortnite fan?

Well, whatever be the occasion of the gift, it will be lovely to send it with a personalized message. The game store allows you to attach a warm message with every Fortnite gift you send to a fellow player.

Step 5 – Select colour of gift box

The Epic Game store not only allows you to send a personalized message with a gift but also enables you to select a preferred colour for the gift box (virtual). Isn’t that cool? You bet.

Step 6 – Send the gift

Now, we have reached the main stage of the process. It is where we will send the gift. So, look for the “Send” tab and click on it. Your precious Fortnite gift will be immediately sent to the lucky recipient.

The recipient will find your gift the moment s/he will open the game. A notification will come up saying “someone wonderful sent you a gift”. Imagine how her/his will light up in joy the moment s/he will receive the notification! Now, the lucky player will need to press the designated tab to unlock the gift from you.

The gifting procedure in Fortnite is similar for all playing devices. So whether you play from your iOS phone or PS4 or your PC, you will only have to follow the steps mentioned above.

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