how to kick yourself in cs: go

How to Kick Yourself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?

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how to kick yourself in cs: go

Kicking Yourself in CS:GO

In instances, you might feel that it is time to kick yourself out of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) game. But, at times, kicking yourself out of the game can turn out to be demotivating.

Even some players feel stressed when they will have to do it. So, before you decide to kick yourself out of the game, it is first better to understand why it would be a great idea to kick others:

Why Kick Others in CS:GO?

When other players in your team decided to kick you from the CS:GO just because of your low CS:GO rank or lack of in-game skills, it is better to overlook them and move forward.

But, at this time, it would be a great idea to get more practice using bots offline. When you practice, learn about the CS:GO maps, and even you can find some friendly teammates with whom you can continue your practice.

Let us consider that voting for kicking has started. Never be too focused on kicking others. Changing your attitude towards the game will change the entire in-game atmosphere.

kick players cs:go

If you have decided to kick someone, you will have just to press the ESC button when you are on the game screen. You will see “call vote” on the screen. Here, go to “kick player” and choose one of the names of the players, whom you wish to kick just because he is annoying you a lot. But, the person whom you do not like might be liked by others. So, they will extend support to your victim.

When you initiate kicks frequently, you should remember one thing in this game. If you do this initiation many times within a limited period, you might get a kicking ban from other players in your team.

You can also kick another player in your team using unique console commands. The following commands will work in a game that you have created or in some community servers:

  • Kicked [Steam ID]
  • Kick [nickname]

Why Should You Choose to Kick Yourself?

kicking yourself CS:GO

At times in CS:GO, some players face unruly criticisms from teammates. Also, in some instances, these criticisms can be bullying, as well. But, it can play a spoilsport on your enthusiastic gaming experience. When you face such a situation, here are some tips on how to handle:

  • Just try to ignore the bullying by taking a deep breath
  • Try to kick the person from this match
  • You can initiate a vote to kick yourself. But, do this only when you are sure that it will fail. This will help you prove not just yourself, but also the person bullying about the importance of your presence in the team.

Once this happens, you won‘t need anything to boost your confidence level in the game. You can now mute the bully and can start enjoying the game.

How to Mute in CS:GO?

  • Press the scoreboard tab.
  • Now, click the left button of the mouse on the player that you wish to mute
  • Now select “block communication”.

There is one more pragmatic reason to kick yourself in CS:GO. Just in case, the match is almost lost, and you do not want to continue your gaming, you can make others kick you. When you do this, you will not get a ban for leaving the game.

How to Kick Yourself?

You know how to kick another player in CS:GO. But, if you wish to know how to kick yourself, here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can do it with ease:

  • The first thing you will have to do is to activate the developer console. You can do this by pressing the ~ button. You may or may not know that this button is referred to as tilde. You should make sure that this option is kept enabled in your game settings.
  • Now, you will have to enter the command status. Here, you will see the list of players. Now, you will have to find yourself in the list and should copy the two integers that follow #.
  • The next step is that you will have to enter the command “callvote Kick” and paste the two numbers that you have copied in the previous step.

callvote Kick CS:GO

Now, you know how to vote to kick yourself in the game. But, you will doubt whether getting kicked in CS:GO will be counted as a loss. Let us try and find the answer to this question here:

Will Getting Kicked in CS:GO be Counted as a Loss?

The single-word answer yes or no is not possible to this question. The reason is that the effect of getting kicked is not common in all situations in this game. For instance, if the members of your team decide to kick you after their win, it will be a win for you as well.

On the other hand, if they do this after a loss, it will be a loss for you too. In CS:GO, some players might use this technique for attracting extra attention to their personality.

However, it can be done in better ways. Above all, you can expect better results as well with those methods.

Tips for Succeeding

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Similar to any other arena, a practice can make you better in CS:GO, as well. When you practice, you can start playing better. Your teammates will begin considering your successes crucial for them, as well.

Also, when you use Stylish Skins, it will show your seriousness towards the game. You might be surprised to know that players with great weapon finishes, gain some respect just at their appearance. Do not ever wait for surprises from random drops.

Thanks to the websites that sell skins for players, who are highly particular about registering their wins in CS:GO. They are for serious players who wish to make some valuable contributions to the team.

The reason is that they know that their valuable contribution to the team will make them an invaluable asset to the team. When they turn invaluable, the chances of them getting kicked by other players will be less. So, you can follow these strategies, as well.

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