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How to Play Marvel Contest of Champions?

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Marvel Contest of Champions wallpaper

Playing Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) is undoubtedly one of the hottest of mobile games today. It’s cool characters, and mind-blowing attacks have rendered a different edge to the game altogether.

Are you new to the MCoC world and looking for suggestions on how to play Marvel Contest of Champions?

Well, much to your joy, here is a brief on the ins and outs of the game for the beginners.

Learn the Controls

First of all, you must be clear about the defense and offense controls in the game. The right part of your game screen is meant for offense. When you have to wage a light attack, you will tap on the right side.

If you want a medium attack, you should swipe it. But if you need to throw heavy attack ever, you have to tap & hold on the right part of the screen tightly. Heavy attacks are slowest yet most powerful. On the other hand, the lighter ones are the fastest yet weakest.

The left part of your game screen is meant for defense. When you hold on the left part, you can block the enemy. A left swipe will send you backward (dodge) & make space between the gamer & his opponent. A right swipe would charge with a medium attack.

Defense in fights

Blocking is a handy thing when you are playing MCoC. It will help you to reduce damages hurled by your opponent when you fight on the quests. You will have to use it a lot to keep yourself safe during the fights.

You should start to block the enemies right from the beginning of your game. It’s because most of the AI opponents in the game with a try to wage an attack on you the moment you will start playing the game.

You can dash back if you think you have to maintain distance from your constantly advancing opponent. But, make sure not to get cornered while pushing yourself backward.

Parrying and Dexterity are the two most important features of the game. You can unlock them in a mastery tree with the help of stoney cores. These two things will take your game to the next level by enabling you to deploy evades & parries that will stun your enemies and reduce your damage to a great extent.

Time dodging correctly to use evades successfully. When you want to parry, you can tap block. But be careful with your timing.

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Tips on attack

Combos are great when you want to hurl maximum damage on the opponent. Well, for those unaware, “combo” refers to a series of constant attacks. If you played fighting games before, you know the combo gets reset when an opponent isn’t affected by the player’s last attack.

However, things are slightly different from MCoC. In the Marvel game, the combo continues till the player gets hit sans blocking. It merely means, as an MCoC player, you will be able to combo for the entire match.

So, what’s the most consistent and easiest combo? Well, if you ask the veteran players, they will mostly vote for 5-hits. To launch the 5-hits combo, you will have to tap for light attack thrice followed by two sharp swipes for a medium attack. It will be enough to cause considerable damage to your opponents.

After you hurl a combo, the next best action will be to block. When you hurl an attack, your opponent won’t sit back and would prepare to retaliate. The “block” after combo will make sure you are safe from the opponent’s attack.

But if you find your opponent is trying to block your attack, launch a heavy attack. You can also block them till you find them opening themselves so that you can attack them immediately.

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