How To Play Pokemon GO on PC

How To Play Pokémon GO on PC?

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How To Play Pokemon GO on PC

Have you played Pokémon GO on your mobile device?

The chances are that the answer will be a resounding yes, given the fact that this game has over one billion downloads. It seems like yesterday that the entire world was going gaga over Pokémon GO! But it has been three years since the game first released in 2016.

Pokémon GO was the first Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game to become wildly popular. Love it or hate it; you cannot deny that people were playing this game day and night! It became a social media phenomenon of sorts. Fast forward to today – the hype has subdued somewhat, but millions still play this game.

So what makes Pokémon GO so special? And is it possible to play it on a PC? Read on to find the answers to these questions!

Pokémon GO: To Go or Not?

One unique aspect of the game to set it apart from the thousands of games that came before it is that players are required to move around to find and catch new Pokémon. It is a mobile game that requires physical activity! It was both praised and criticized because of this.

Standard mobile games are infamous for pushing players into laziness and adversely affecting their fitness levels. While Pokémon GO found a way around that problem by promoting physical activity, it was full of accidents and unfortunate incidents.

Few players were too engrossed in the game to worry about trespassing and inattentive driving, which led to hundreds of accidents, injuries, and complaints all over the world. So we cannot blame you for being apprehensive about playing Pokémon GO on your mobile.

Some people do not own a smartphone that is compatible with the game. But don’t let that dishearten you. If you want to know what the hype is all about, you can play it on your PC!

Even if it’s not apprehension or an old smartphone that stops you from playing this game on your mobile, we understand – sheer loyalty to laziness isn’t unheard of!

pokemon go emulator

Tools Required To Play Pokémon GO On PC

It should come as no surprise that playing a mobile-exclusive game on a PC is not going to be a cakewalk. Do not worry if you are not the most tech-savvy person out there; we’ve got you covered with this informative and easy-to-follow guide.

So if you choose not to go out, here are the tools or software you need to play Pokémon GO without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of your home. Consider keeping these files in one folder for easy accessibility in the future.

1. BlueStacks

Playing any mobile-exclusive game on a PC is impossible without an Android Emulator, as it allows you to run mobile apps and games on the computer.

We recommend using BlueStacks, as it is one of the best Android Emulators out there. You can check out some other options, in case you do not want to use BlueStacks.

2. KingRoot

You will need to access the operating system of your Android device. Think of it like having an administrator login on a PC – you can alter and customize files.

We recommend installing KingRoot for rooting your Android device. You may choose one of these other root apps as well.

3. Lucky Patcher

You would want to modify some app permissions to ensure that you can play the game on your PC. We recommend using Lucky Patcher to get this job done.

4. Fake GPS Pro

You cannot carry your PC and move around to play Pokémon GO – you might as well play it on your mobile device if you had to move around. So you need to install software that can emulate player movement. That’s where FakeGPS comes into the picture.

You can use it to spoof your location. The pro version is not free and comes for five dollars.

5. Pokémon GO

Lastly, you will need the APK file of the game itself. You can download it from several third-party sites but do not install it before installing the other software we have listed.

The Setup Process

Now that you know everything you need to make this work, it is time to dive into the steps of the actual installation process. Be sure that you follow these steps in order and do not skip any of them. It should not take more than half an hour to get Pokémon GO up and running on your PC.

To simplify this guide, we are listing out the steps following the interface of BlueStacks and KingRoot. If you choose other apps, the options would be similar.

1. Install Android Emulator

Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Make sure that you log in using the same Google account credentials that you use on your mobile. Grant permissions to the setup and installation manager, if required.

2. Install Android Root Tool

You will have to install KingRoot using BlueStacks. Download the APK file and install it. You can find it under the “My Apps” menu in the emulator.

Open KingRoot and select “Fix Now.” When you see the security index of your device, click “Optimize now.” Close it after the device is optimized.

3. Restart Emulator

After closing KingRoot, you need to restart BlueStacks. If you are using BlueStacks, click on the cogwheel in the top-right corner of the interface and select “Restart Android Plugin.” Do not miss this step as the next steps will be redundant without restarting the emulator.

4. Copy Files

You will find a folder icon on the left panel of the BlueStacks interface. Click on it and open FakeGPS. It will get copied to BlueStacks automatically. Close the selection window by clicking anywhere outside it.

5. Install and Use Lucky Patcher

Just like you installed KingRoot, you have to install Lucky Patcher now. Click on APK on the left sidebar of BlueStacks and select the Lucky Patcher APK file from your system. After installation, open Lucky Patcher. Allow access to the app, if prompted.

Inside the Lucky Patcher interface, you will find a “Rebuild & Install” option in the bottom right. Click on it. Navigate to SD Card, Windows, BstSharedFolder; select the FakeGPS APK file and install it as a system app. When prompted to confirm the installation, click on “Yes.” Reboot BlueStacks to apply the changes (same as step 3).

6. Install Pokémon GO

Install the APK file for Pokémon GO, as you did for KingRoot and Lucky Patcher. Do not try to start the game now because it will not work yet.

7. Check Location Settings

Click the cogwheel in the top right section of the BlueStacks interface. Select Settings from the drop-down menu and go to Location. Make sure that it is set to High Accuracy Mode. Windows GPS services on your PC need to be disabled. Open Settings and go to Privacy, Location. Turn off the location for your device.

8. Install FakeGPS

Go to Lucky Patcher and check if you can see FakeGPS in the list of apps. If not, go to Search and change the filters to include system apps, then click on “Apply.” Launch FakeGPS and read the “How to Operate” message before clicking OK.

You will find a three-dotted button in the top right section, click on it and go to Settings. Select Expert Mode, carefully read the warning message, and click on “OK.” Click the back arrow in the top left to go to the map and select a location. You can save places to your favorites list.

Click on the orange play button in the bottom right section to activate the fake location.

9. Run Pokémon GO

The final step involves launching the game. You can go through the initial setup just like you would on a mobile device. It may take a while to start, so be patient.

“Gotta Catch ’em All?”

We have written this guide based on a tutorial video by YouTuber Travis D. Do you want to catch them all, and can you? As good as this technique is, it is not perfect. 

Here are some essential troubleshooting tips to help tackle some common runtime errors that may be caused if you missed one of the steps in the setup:

  1. Check that the location is turned off for your PC.
  2. Enable the Expert Mode in FakeGPS, if it is not already enabled.
  3. Google Location History should be turned off, and High Accuracy Mode should be selected in BlueStacks’ location settings.
  4. Switch to a new location using FakeGPS.
  5. Try using a place you have physically visited with your Android or iOS mobile.

A word of caution – you will be violating the Pokémon GO terms of service if you attempt to play it on your PC. You might get temporarily or permanently banned from the game, so be careful and do not jump too far from one location to the next.

Summing It Up

We want to reiterate that this process is not perfect or legal. You can use it to play Pokémon GO on a PC, but you would have to be extra careful.

It can help you advance quickly in the game as you do not have to spend time and effort going to numerous locations physically, but it is not how the game was intended to be played.

To each his own! We hope this guide helps you!

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