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At the popular request and in order not to respond to the large number of messages I receive every day that I write in the blog, I decided to share a little of what I have learned over the years in FIFA. It’s not a translation guide, so if you’re thinking about it, I’d advise you to stop reading.

Well, let’s get on with it. One thing I’ve repeated many times in the forum is that people generally have bad habits when it comes to managing their economy at FIFA and that triggers in that they often have “bad” but expensive teams. I’ll give you an example:

This is my current team (this last month I’ve indeed started Mbappé Team of the Year (TOTY) and Marcelo TOTY to make Squad Building Challenges (SBCS) because it’s the end of FIFA):

Many you will say (and with reason): fuck, that equipazo, who caught it, metes FIFA points, et cetera. Well, I tell you it’s something that happens to you, but on a smaller scale (this depends on the ability to generate coins of each).

Now I’m going to show you the equipment I should have if I hadn’t thrown millions of coins in absurd SBCS, improvements, nontransferable several, etc. (depending on my transfer profit, of course):

Wow, that changes a lot. You see both teams, and the difference is remarkable. I have made mistakes, and I have been correcting them with time.

Now I’ll give you a series of tips that have been quite useful throughout this year.

Tip 1: Intransferible Only the Just and Necessary

This is probably FIFA’s bad thing. EA has found a way to make it look like they are “giving” you coins, but at the same time getting you to remove those coins from the market.

There are SBC’s like Lucas POTM (for their price), Hazard POTM (for the quality of the letter at the time it came out) and Ibrahimovic Flashback (I don’t think I have anything to say here, you all know it) which are SBC’s very recommendable to do.

But then we have others like Rooney, Villa, various shit icons, Arnautovic HL, Laporte champions, Insigne Team Of The Group Stage (TOTGS) and I could go on like this all day.

You will say to me: “But it is that XXXX is my favorite player! Let’s see; in the end, the game is to enjoy and taste what you like. And nothing happens by making ONE player, but not EVERYONE.

When Podolski Flashback came out, I came to the forum to say that I thought this letter was absurd and that I doubted that no one was going to do it. And what did people answer me? “It has good stats,” “total, I’m never going to get to CR7“.

Cristiano Ronaldo - FIFA 20

Usually, you don’t reach CR7 if you’re squandering coins week after week. I like Villa, and I didn’t do it on his day. Why? Because I knew I wouldn’t use it for more than a week and hopefully.

300k on one side, 100 on the other and 50 on the other end up being many millions of coins. Basically and summing up, this year I would only have made the following non-transferable:

  • Lucas POTM
  • Hazard POTM
  • Ibra Flashback
  • Ferdinand Prime
  • Gullit and Vieira (in this case, I would only advise those who know 100% that they are never going to collect so many coins as to reach the moments)

Here’s a good example. Yes, many of these players are good, but they are neither competitive nor are coins that come back in case you want to improve that player. An average player who has made these SBC’s could have spent almost 3 million coins entirely, but to see CR7 as unreachable Do you realize where the shots go?

Tip 2: Don’t Throw Your Intransferible

Surely the following sounds to many: “With what I have in the club I get it for free. No, my friend, it’s not free. Each player must be given the value that corresponds to him.

The fact that in improvement you got an average of 90 doesn’t mean that it’s free. I only accept “free” if it’s the last SBC you’re going to do in FIFA, but it’s not the usual thing.

Save the players. When the time comes, you’ll have enough players to make you a player of the above mentioned (the useful ones) without having to put shit in your economy Fifera.

Tip 3: In Rivals, Coins After the First or Second Month

I would like to take this opportunity to explain something about the value of players. When the FIFA starts (and this happens very fast) the “value” (to call it in some way) of the coins and the players’ changes quickly. For example: on day 1 of FIFA, Fabinho cost 10k, but it was challenging to have those 10k.

At that time, coins have more value than players. But of course, we already know that players go up exponentially. In the first bars of FIFA, the advisable thing is not to have liquid money.

All investments/expensive equipment. If possible, the team should be of medium-high chetadas. Better a Lukaku than a Gabriel Jesus. The lower averages will always tend to go down and the upper percentages to go up.

This is a widespread failure when you see people with Kondogbia or Fred after a month. Are they good? Yes, but they are expensive. And they will collapse.

Once that’s explained, you’ll understand about Rivals. The value of the players in the first month is very high, and any garbage you get is going to rent a lot. But then it’s playing the lottery.

In this case, I will tell you the saying “do what I say, but not what I do” because in my case always lame non-transferable Why? Because I like to open envelopes and so I endure the desire to do what I review in the next point.

Tip 4: Never Open Envelopment with Currencies

But never never, and I would extend the same to SBCS that are worth more than the envelope itself.

Tip 5: The Tradeos That All The World Does, Stop Being Tradeos

Don’t invest in excessively known things (some never fail, it’s true) because when people are waiting for something, everyone waits for it and in the end, it doesn’t work for anyone. A very evident tendency is when Ones To Watch (OTW) came out in the TOTW.

When they announced it at 4 o’clock, the OTW went up (speculation, people buying last-minute), when it came out in envelopes at 7 o’clock it was collapsing. These are things that happen when there is over-investment. It’s no secret that EA hates traders and does things to screw up the most prominent and widespread trades.

Lionel Messi - FIFA 20

Tip 6: If You Do Not Know What To DO, Do Nothing

The golden advice I was given in September. When you can’t predict market behavior, don’t do anything. You won’t win coins (or yes, maybe your team will increase the value), but you won’t lose them at the risk of your starting team. Never sell on a panic sell.

Sometimes you indeed have to try to use logic to know how to act. When it came to Walker Futtie, I let go of 2 that I had caught with 80k profit each. Some people put up with it to the absurd with tragic results. Then I bought Mane TOTS at 800k and sold it at 1.2kk. In this case, it rushes me. I won coins, but not all the ones I could have won.

This is not an exact science. You will win, and you will lose coins. You have to try to win more than you lose. And you will achieve that when you learn to read the market yourselves. Traders’ advice, being available to the general public, loses some usefulness.

Tip 7: Practice What You Learned Every Year

I don’t mean that you copy the trades. You can see that this year’s OTW Tradeo has been a curious ostia. But some patterns repeat year after year also. The high averages (Iniesta) to less than 10k? I think that at this point in the post, I no longer have to tell you that it is a safe investment.

Tip 8: Money Calls Money

Yesterday I had a “discussion” so to speak that I frequently have. People who call me a liar and say that either some super expensive player has touched me, buy coins, or buy FIFA points.

The most frequent reasons are usually that the accuser, as he only invests 30k in coins and barely wins 5k, because logically he does not see how I can have won 57 million this year.

It’s logical, but it has to be said: the more significant your investment, the bigger your profit margin will be (and loss if there is one). I haven’t actively traded in a couple of months, but there are trades where profits could easily be 5 million.

Then it is true that many of the currencies I have won have been for Snipeo. The ideal is to combine Snipeo and Tradeo. Not by doing one thing, to stop doing the other.

Tip 9: Improvements

This is something where we go to a lot of coins and players who cost or will cost good money in the future. There are only two eras in which I see a reason to make them: TOTY and TOTS.

In the first ones, you can’t say that they go out much, but I understand the illusion of wanting to get one in envelopes (I include myself). In the seconds, apart from the fact that they come out more in envelopes, is when the game is giving its last pigtails.

At this time, it makes little sense to “take care” of the coins, and that is when it does not matter to squander. That is, do not spend coins in making improvements.

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