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What Does a Composter Do in Minecraft?

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What is a Minecraft Composter?

Have you ever played Minecraft before? If you are new to it, you will slowly get accustomed to the parts and parcel of the game. There are different types of objects that will help you to go to the next step of the game.

A composter is a kind of box in the game which turns plant and food material into a bone meal that the farmers can use for better yielding in the game. Here you will get to know how a composter adds value to this game.

What Is the Usage of Composter in Minecraft?

It recycles plant and food materials into bone meal. To do that, the players have to select the types of items into the composter. There is a comparator, facing away from the composter.

It gives you a signal based on the fullness of the composter. Usually, the composter comes with an empty interior. Therefore, it can be moved from the top, but not from the bottom or sideways. There is a floor of the composter whose height depends on the materials inside it.

When the box is empty, the floor is slightly above the block. When the composter gets full, you will notice a little dip at the top portion.

what does a minecraft composter
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How is a Composter Used for Composting in the Game?

Once you add a compostable item to the composter, it will start creating compost. When you add anything to it successfully, you will find a green particle on the screen.

There are different types of items are there which comes with distinctive compost-ability. For example, beetroot, melon seeds, dried kelp, seagrass, etc. comes with the least compost-ability that is 30% only, while pumpkin and cake have the most ability to create compost (100%).

You can also use cactus, baked potatoes, apples, lily pad, sugar cane, cookies, and so on. While creating compost, your aim should always be to add food items and vegetables that can create more compost. Thus, the layer of compost will increase faster.

The layers of compost look like podzol. When the layer touches the 7th level, the appearance will change, and it will indicate that you can collect bone meal now.

A Composter Can Turn a Villager into a Farmer

In a multi-player game, if there is a composter in a village that is not claimed by any villagers, it can turn a resident villager to the farmer who didn’t choose any job site block till then.

Trick to Make a Composter Get Filled Faster

Here is a tip that you can use to fill the composter quickly. Instead of using hay bales, if you use wheat items individually, the composter will be filled faster.

So, now you do what a composter does in the game of Minecraft. If you have not tried the game till now, download it and play on your PC or Playstation. The game is so exciting and addictive, especially to young children, that parents often have to give them a time limit to play the game.

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