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What is Farming in Clash of Clans?

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clash of clans farming

Farming in Clash of Clans

One of the main objectives of any Clash of Clans (CoC) player is to upgrade in the game. And to upgrade, you will need the resources like elixir and gold. One of the ways to acquire resources is mining. But that’s time-consuming. It is why smart players often take to “farming.”

So, what is farming in Clash of Clans? Well, it’s a process of acquiring resources for upgradation by raiding the bases of other players to steal or “loot” their resources. Farming will help you to gather millions of elixir and gold per hour and that too at each Town Hall stage.

It’s to note here farming denotes waging attacks to steal resources. It does not include an attack for trophies. If you are looking to enhance your base at CoC at the quickest possible rate, then farming is your thing.

Below is a guide to help you to improve your farming in Clash of Clans.

Lower your level

One basic maxim of farming in CoC is the lowering of the level. When you reduce your level, you can attack weak players at lower levels to steal the resources they hold.

Configure your town

Before heading out for farming, make sure your town is adequately powered to guard your resources and to enable you to reduce to the desired lower level. Here are some tips to keep in mind while configuring your town before farming.

Protect storage

While you are targeting to loot resources of other players, many players are targeting that of yours. So, before you set out to farm, make necessary arrangements to protect your treasures. Expert players advise placing storage right in the center of town, guarded by multiple walls & defensive buildings.

Never place all your storages together. If any invader wages an attack on one storage, he will get access to all that you have in store. It’s better to scatter the resources in multiple places so that your attacker finds it harder to get access to all your resources.

farming in clash of clans

Mind the position of Town Hall

Your TH (Town Hall) should be inside the second wall layer. It will help to get more room for storage in the base. Do not ever place TH in the corner.

Get around 1,200 trophies

Try to get something like 1,000 to 1,200 trophies as it’s claimed to the best range for CoC farming. If you manage to stay within this range, you will be able to a considerable sum of resources- and that too without encountering powerful hard-to-beat enemies.

Tips for farming an army

You will need a solid combination of armies to carry a successful attack during the raid. The most popular army combos for CoC farming are:

  • The Barch troop that comprises Barbarian & Archers
  • The trio troop consisting of wizards, giants & healers
  • The troop of Hybrid Goblins

Now there are some facts to keep in mind while you are preparing your army for the “loot.”

  • If you are at entry-level, look for Barbarian-heavy armies
  • Giants are incredibly pricey, and it’s better to have just a few of them
  • Goblins are mostly required at later levels and archers to are important at such levels
  • Try to enhance the TH level as it will help to enlarge the max army size which will reward you with a more diverse army unit

Zero on inactive towns

If you are aiming for heavy hauls with minimal effort, zoom on inactive towns. The best examples are towns with gray-colored league shields and “sleeping” Builder’s Huts. You should also focus on rounded loot numbers that assure easy picking.

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