FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20 Career Mode: Will Everything Get Better Now?

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FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20 Career Mode

The FIFA 20 release is just around the corner, and there is also a revised career mode on board. Are the updates enough to outperform competitor PES 2020?

The team morale will probably play a significant role in the new career mode.

It’s not long until the FIFA 20 release. On September 27 the game will be released for the consoles and the PC. 2019 could be a special year because EA SPORTS has announced great things for the career mode:

New features and improvements in the right places could make the career more diverse.

Player potential double-edged sword

The dynamic player potential alone should become a milestone.

Up to now, youth players could only evaluated according to this criterion, but now the whole thing is becoming more realistic:

If everything runs smoothly on the pitch, the prospects of young people also change.

Nevertheless, further caution is required here:

As a coach who plays his matches, it is almost impossible that things will go badly on the pitch in the long run.

In this respect, solid youngsters could quickly become legends through regular playing. It remains to see how EA handles potential development.

More dynamics

On the other hand, the dynamic events next to the square are pleasing. We saw what this could look like in our competitor PES 2020, which appeared on September 10. Konami’s title also offers dynamic intermediate sequences in its career mode.

The coach can set the goals for the season and comment on critical points in front of the press. In FIFA, this should have an impact on the team. Here all careerists can prove that they have a knack for juggling expectations between the board, players, fans, and the press.

Four factors seem to have a significant impact on morale
And the player and team morale need to be kept in mind. It seems to be gaining in importance. The more satisfied the kickers, the better their dynamic values on the pitch.

EA could take a big step here and give the players different personalities who demand different levels of attention, playing time and positions, or have different salary expectations. If that hits the morale, the coach would be needed again.

Whether that will happen is not defined. We have seen that four points affect morale: Salary, team performance, player performance, and playing time. With a friendly greeting by chat message, we could additionally make HSV’s Aaron Hunt a little more cheerful.

No retreading

However, not everything is revised: The negotiations have two new venues, but nothing has changed. If you are a little too high with your monetary ideas, your counterpart will still storm out the door. Even the familiar menus remain the same, in the transfer center hardly anything has changed.

A first look and the announcements of EA show: This year will be a good year for the career mode. A lot has happened, and yet every player will find his way around the familiar menus and mechanics.

However, Konami has also added PES 2020 and further developed its own mode. At first glance, it looks like a worthy competitor for FIFA. Time will tell which of them will win the race.

Advantage for FIFA

No clubs have to be patched here with the help of the community because EA has (almost) all licenses and that is and remains a decisive factor in a career mode.

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