how much does a minecraft realm cost

How Much Does a Minecraft Realm Cost?

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how much does a minecraft realm cost

The Cost of Minecraft Realms

Playing Minecraft is so amazing that not only kids but adults also often get addicted to this game. Minecraft is a multi-player game that you can enjoy the most while playing with friends.

There are lots of amazing features of the game which enable you to create a city in the sky, build magnificent castles, manufacture machines, and so on. Creating a realm is one of such fantastic features that will allow you to play the game along with your friends.

To create a realm, you need to make the required payments. If this is the first time you are thinking of realm, here are certain essential things you need to know.

What Are the Realm Versions?

Before knowing more about the costs of purchasing a realm in Minecraft, you can need to learn a bit more about it. The latest version of Minecraft has made it compatible to run on different platforms.

The first version is known as Minecraft that you can play on consoles, mobile phones, and Windows 10, and it runs on a particular type of code. The other version is known as Minecraft: Java Edition that runs on your PC, Linux, and Mac, and it uses different source code. Both platforms come with separate ideas of owning realms, which is incompatible with other platforms.

Minecraft Realms

What Is the Cost of a Minecraft Realm Subscription?

There are different types of payment systems of the Minecraft realm subscription. Here you will get to know about those only:

1. Recurring

Under this category, the player has to go for a monthly subscription of £5.59. It is the easiest way to pay where the subscription is renewed each month automatically unless you cancel it.

If you go for having this subscription, it will be a 20% cheaper deal than having a 30-day subscription per month.

2. One-Time Charge – 30 Days

In this system, you can subscribe for 30 days at £6.99. This subscription is only for 30-days, where you need to renew it in the next month if you want to continue with it. As per the players, this is the most expensive way to pay for the Minecraft realm.

3. One-Time Charge – 90 Days

It is the subscription for 90 days at £18.99. You can extend the subscription manually by logging-in and paying again for it. It is a bit cheaper (10%) than the 30-day subscription.

4. One-Time Charge – 180 Days

This subscription is for 180 days, and you need to pay £33.99 for this. It is around 20% cheaper than a monthly subscription, and you can also extend it when you want to.

minecraft realm cost

These are the essential things you need to know about the cost of the Minecraft realm. Here, you should remember that you have to be more than 13 years to pay here and buy the realm as per the guidelines of Minecraft.

Once you are a realm owner, you get certain privileges in this game. You can decide whom to invite, how to change the game modes, and so on.

The owners always have the command of the game in their hand and that is why the buying realm is so attractive to the players.

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