Virgil van Dijk on cover of new FIFA 20 champions edition

What’s New in FIFA 20?

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Virgil van Dijk on cover of new FIFA 20 champions edition

Since the announcement we have learned a lot about FIFA 20. We’ll show you what’s changing and which innovations are particularly exciting.

FIFA 20 was officially introduced at the E3 2019 and since then there are many new features to marvel at. Among others the new FIFA-Street-Mode, VOLTA.

When will FIFA 20 be released? The game will be released on 27 September 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The release day is a Friday.

1. This is how you can play FIFA 20 before the release

Those are the possibilities: You can play FIFA 20 10 days before the official release if you have a membership in EA Access or Origin Access.

If you decide to play one of the special editions, you can start 3 days before the official release.
Here are the different start times at a glance:

  • Start on September 19th – EA Access or Origin Access (For 10 hours)
  • Launch on 19 September – Origin Access Premier (full access without time limit)
  • Launch on 24 September – FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition
  • Launch on 24 September – FIFA 20 Champions Edition
  • Launch on 27 September – FIFA 20 Standard Edition

2. These are the gameplay innovations

That’s what EA promises: Great promises have been made about the gameplay of FIFA 20. According to EA, a lot of fan feedback about FIFA 19 was collected and analyzed. Based on this feedback the gameplay of FIFA 20 was improved and adapted.

EA summarizes the changes under the term “Football Intelligence”. This includes:

FIFA 20 weakens the AI defence. But it should act as an intelligent support for the player.

AI-controlled players intervene more in the game and ensure that more types of goal chances are created. The “Natural Player Motion” is intended to ensure realistic behaviour on the pitch.

While it remains possible to string skill moves together while dribbling, this becomes more difficult and should lead to more realistic results. This means that “La Croqueta” chains become less likely.

The new “Punishment Dribbling” allows you to attract your opponent and then leave him standing through dynamic movements.

fifa 20 screenshot

And the next 4 points are the pillars of the so-called gameplay changes, which were announced by EA Sports full-bodied:

3. Manual defense should be worthwhile again

This is new: While in FIFA 19 it was wisest to let the defenders defend themselves automatically and even to deliver the pass roads manually, in FIFA 20 it should be more worthwhile to take the defending in hand again.

So the “Controlled Tackling” should lead even more to the fact that with well timed tackles the ball can actually be conquered.

4. The goalkeeper finally listens to you

This is new: In FIFA 20 you will have the possibility to give commands to the goalkeeper. You will be able to determine his behavior inside and outside the penalty area.

There will be these instructions for goalkeepers:

Inside the penalty area: There are three different instructions for goalkeepers inside the penalty area.

  • Beware of crosses – In this setting, the goalkeeper behaves defensively and remains on the line.
  • Balance – Here the goalkeeper decides his own behaviour as in FIFA 19 and tries to be balanced.
  • Intercept flanks – The goalkeeper is more offensive and tries to intercept flanks.
  • Outside the penalty area: For behaviour outside the penalty area, there are 2 instructions that can be selected.
  • Sweeper Keeper – With this setting, the keeper will often aggressively hit the ball and leave the penalty area in an emergency situation. He will seek 1-on-1 situations.
  • Balance – As in FIFA 19, the goalkeeper will play self-determined and act balanced.

5. The timed finishing is revised

That’s supposed to change: The Timed-Finishing was a popular innovation in FIFA 19 and will be even better in FIFA 20. Now it should be harder to hit the green area of the Timed-Finish.

In addition, timed-finish shots should be more realistic and no longer provide unrealistic goals from all angles.

fifa 20 cover

6. New penalty kicks and free kicks

This is new: The standards in FIFA 20 will be completely revised, so that penalties and especially free kicks will offer FIFA 20 players significantly more possibilities. EA speaks here of more target options for free kicks and an even more skill-based shooting mechanism.

In the first picture you can already see the new aiming mechanism, here a faded in circle makes aiming easier. Additionally it should be possible to turn the ball with the right analog stick.

7. Ball physics finally at the level of PES?

That says EA: A new ball physics should provide for more realism. The whole thing is called “Football Informed Motion”.

The new movement system of the ball is supposed to provide for more realistic ball turns and impacts. In addition, the trajectories of the ball should become more realistic due to the new physics. This also applies to normal shots out of the game.

Perhaps FIFA could finally catch up to PES with new ball physics, because for years the ball physics of the competition has been the undisputed number 1.

8. FIFA Street is back in FIFA 20

This is VOLTA: For many fans a FIFA-Street mode was at the top of the wish list for FIFA 20. And it’s really coming!

In FIFA 20 EA introduces the VOLTA mode. This mode brings street football back into FIFA and offers various offline and online game modes.

Kylian Mbappé on cover of FIFA 20

9. VOLTA-World offers more career opportunities

That’s VOLTA-World: In this mode it’s about building and managing your own team like in career mode. It is about engaging new players and then playing the games yourself.

In VOLTA-World you can either play against the computer or real online opponents. The human opponents are played in a league system, similar to the Division Rivals in FUT 19.

The games against the computer will be similar to the Squad Battles in FUT 19, offering teams from the community.

10. In VOLTA-World, your can steal player

That’s what this is about: If you defeat your opponent in VOLTA-World, you can then steal one of his players and use it for your own team.

But don’t worry, we’ll only make a copy of the selected player. The player is not really “stolen” in the event of a defeat.

11. In VOLTA-World you determine the rules

That’s what it’s all about: Once you’ve created your character, you decide where you want to play, the size of your seat, and your preferred game type (3v3, 4v4, 5v5).

If you then encounter an online opponent, your rules will first be played on your court.

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