minecraft earth release date

When Does Minecraft Earth Come Out?

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minecraft earth release date

Minecraft Earth Release Date

Minecraft, the beloved game franchise, has declared that it will launch. They will start rolling out their Earth edition in October.

It will be an augmented reality game meant for usage on mobile phones. They first announced the launch in their Minecon event, which was held at the end of May 2019.

What Is the Status of Minecraft Earth As of Now?

Minecraft Earth will be free for everyone, and currently, they have made a closed beta version of the game which is available in certain cities, which include London, Tokyo, Seattle, and Stockholm.

The franchise mentioned that this game would help the players to connect it with the real world. Along with their friends, people can enjoy their creation in life-sized variants due to the augmented reality.

The franchise will test its waters by launching the mobile game in limited cities to see if people accept it or not. They will gradually add more cities and countries as the game starts to take off. The game will be available for the latest Android phones as well as for iPhones having iOS 10+ or more.

The game will have features such as “tappables” which lets them collect building resources from the real world. It can be compared to the collection of Pokémon characters in Pokémon GO.

After collecting the resources, the players can build structures on the “build plates,” which are like pre-built sets found in LEGO, and these plates can be earned or purchased. They can start with the given worlds and then deconstruct them to build new worlds.

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The game also lets the player collect mobs and breed between them from populating the worlds that they build. Minecraft will set new challenges that a player can explore on their own, or they can collaborate with their friends or other players. Enemies can be defeated, and resources can be accessed from them.

The early access version will have limited features, and the franchise will keep on increasing them, and they will provide brand new things in the brand new year.

The game is about creativity, and they want the players to enjoy it by moving forward. They also want to keep things safe, so they are providing a handy guide to the players.

The website of Minecraft does an excellent job of introducing the game, and it lets the interested people know about the features that they can expect.

How Can Players Access the Game?

Currently, people can visit the Minecraft website to pre-register for the game, and it is available for Android as well as iOS users. Once a player pre-registers, the company lets them know once the game has been released and if it is ready to download.

The Minecraft Earth application wouldn’t be very heavy, and it will have excellent graphics just like any other game from the franchise. People who have tried the beta version say that it is indeed ‘mind-blowing.’

Minecraft has also announced the Nether update, and it is meant to add a new dimension to the game.

So, the fans of Minecraft have to wait a while longer to play the Minecraft Earth for free on their smartphones.

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