Call of Duty Mobile Review

Call of Duty Mobile Review

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Call of Duty Mobile Review

Play Call of Duty Mobile to Be the Greatest Shooter

Call of Duty Mobile deserves particular importance as a “free-to-play first-person shooter game.” It released throughout the world on 1st October 2019.

The game features two in-game currencies with Battle Pass as well. It received millions of downloads (exceeding 35 million) within a short span of 1st three days with its earning exceeding $2 million in terms of the revenue!

After a week, the game surpassed 100 million downloads. It produced above US$18 million in terms of revenue, thereby breaking all records, thus emerging as the largest and unique mobile game launched in the history of a video game.

CoD Mobile Review

Anybody who has discovered the entertainment associated with playing video games must be well acquainted with the name of Call of Duty. He or she must be also familiar with PUBG Mobile or better known as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Read this article where we’ve compared the two games with each other.

It can be stated with ease that Call of Duty: Mobile is no doubt one of the most exceptional “shooter game” designed for mobile. Well, that’s enough that one needs to know before downloading the game.

But, before downloading it, it is better to know why this game is regarded as the greatest mobile game of all-time. Call of Duty: Mobile deserves special means in opening just like as any other up to date game of new-age mobile opens.

After reading the overall review, one will able to understand that why the game is trendiest and unsurpassed in the arena of mobile games. So, have a glimpse of its review.

Game benefits and mechanics

There are expected rewards regularly for getting logged in as well as additional rewards for being one of those players who are the first to play the game. Besides, there is Premium Pass monetization for those who desire to play it more purposefully.

In combination with the classic version of Call of Duty regarding its classification of characters, gear mods, weapons and above all, several iconic CoD Maps, Call of Duty: Mobile is a game of excellence.

Further, the mechanics associated with the gameplay along with the focus on realism related to elements, for instance, proximity to bullets and withdrawing of guns together with modern age technological knowledge like “augmented reality crosshair scope”, and additional control associated with drone strikes are at your fingers’ tip.

To be precise, you can explore a lot of possibilities. You can win as a forthright shooter.

call of duty mobile game

Multiplayer facility

Multiplayer facility, 5v5 Team matches of death is the centre of attraction of the gameplay. You can get indulged in ridiculous enjoyment because in Call of Duty: Mobile, everything is “fast-paced.”

On average, a team match lasts for 7 minutes.

Therefore, you need not go lethargic! Your objective is straightforward. Always emerge as the first one to get registered with 50 kills associated with your opponent as you emerge out victorious.

Get progressive upgrading of weapons with additional abilities like cosmetic upgrades, smoke bombs, and frag grenades and most significantly reaching higher levels thus unlocking extraordinary weapons like the Purifier-The Flame-Seething Slow Killer from Black Ops III.

What does Speedy gameplay indicate?

Speedy gameplay signifies your reappearance almost instantly after your demise, skipping back right into the game. It is interesting to note that dying in Multiplayer does the work of a strategic element if you are a long-distance away from acquiring ammo from your abilities and skills (and you don’t have any left).

Picking up a weapon of higher accuracy that deserves special mention in making M4 an excellent starter gun is the credit that goes to ammo accessibility associated with Call of Duty: Mobile. Indeed, it can even be enough until Level 8. The player can connect a scope of high exactness with the upgrading of mobile, thus maintaining pace with enabled scope view to get a chance to win more matches associated with Multiplayer.

The rapidity concerned with the game has been proved to be beneficial because some of the matches demand such concentration that nail-biting along with fifty to forty-nine finishes become a usual incident, post reaching Level 9.

The player will deserve special importance in getting MPV finishes more frequently before that, as the game pair him with a mix of simple enemies as well as amateur bots that are significant in pushing him in the game.

cod mobile review

As soon as this phase is over, the player will discover himself ending as the second on the majority of the Kills Rosters. In accompanying the gunfight, the player will have Scored streaks or the UAV Route. It’s really “crazy satisfying” to appoint a Killer (of long-range) or a Hunter Drones (of short-range) when one’s team is lagging (on the kills count).

There are specific areas, of which anybody who has played Call of Duty can expect to be great. One who plays more and more can discover grand sniping zones, back roads and planned pit points that become usable to the player to confront and charge the challengers more frequently.

The player will need to use a top-quality Smartphone to experience the brilliant display of graphics concerned with the gameplay. Thus, with controls those are easy enough to regulate, the game displays mature gameplay with hold-up associated with a good quality server.

Therefore, it can be said with assurance that Call of Duty deserves special mention as the only popular mobile game in handling the preliminary load of eminent players all over the Globe. In the course of time, the game will achieve technological progress with more innovative guns to collect.

Again, glancing past the “sea of icons”, though, Call of Duty: Mobile looks great! The design of the environments, array of soldiers, innovative guns are replete with surprising details along with brilliant character modelling that doesn’t resemble paired down for Smartphone, and abundance of bits of debris that curtains the environment.

It does not remain strongly placed alongside with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 operating on an Xbox One X, but it is inspiringly close on one’s iPhone XR.

mobile battle royale game review

Strike two for Battle Royale

With the presence of a full lotta talk associated with CoD added to the or else “Survivalist Chatter”, one can have the realization that even “Battle Royale” can involve lots of fun. The principles remain unchanged for sure; what was hilarious was the coordination among the teammates that are haphazardly grouped.

But now, the player will have the additional technique like dealing with the zombies, eccentric paint, guns and maps that are cleverly designed. All these can offer you in abundance strategic standpoints such as “high holding grounds.” So, you can see for yourself that besides having opponents who are humans, you will have zombies to face!

Call of Duty: Mobile is a game that makes Battle Royale have the feel of being above a “survival-based cover-and-shoot game mode.” Presence of certain things that seem more akin to overlooks from the Dev Team than inadequacies-items displayed on the Map (for example vans) that are mysteriously non-interactive with pathways on open fields that are unreachable.

If PUGB has been the player’s passion, then Call of Duty: Mobile and its Battle Royale Mode is something with which one will fall in love!

mobile battle royale games reviews


Okay, now leave all of your thoughts and worries behind, and it’s time to play the game Call of Duty: Mobile. Even if you don’t deserve to have an in-game clan, the Multiplayer Mode has players in abundance with whom you will be able to team up.

It has happened that one of the main reviewers have been benefited with the game as he got matched players from a renowned country like India as both teammates as well as adversaries. But, he didn’t manage to verify alone whether Tencent and Activision have intentionally geo-locked it.

The makers of the game always try to sell you the Premium Pass and Special Crates, but there are sudden sprang up of pop-ups at the beginning but, they are not disturbing at all. It’s not too dull to proceed to a higher level without them. This makes Call of Duty: Mobile earns extra points from its reviewers.

Apart from the fact that Tencent deserves special mention in creating both, Call of Duty: Mobile might be just an unexpected headshot all of a sudden regarding the fact that PUGB would have failed to notice approaching.

Taking into consideration the best of a lot of Worlds that is within the Call of Duty Universe; the game puts it where the money is these days. Gaming associated with massive open world joined together by the nostalgia of classic maps.

Unless it gets rattled by a few critical issues at any point, Call of Duty: Mobile is a great accomplishment not only for its makers but also for its players.

Three cheers to the makers for creating such a fantastic game that one can play while dipping in the enjoyment as well as getting in the shoes of a shooter to defend his troops against his rivals.

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