Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

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Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

Which Game Is Here to Become a Favorite Among Gamers?

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile, the comparisons between it and PUBG mobile is bound to happen. While PUBG has already established itself in the market, Call of Duty’s mobile version has just released.

The brand name of Call of Duty is, however, quite well established as they have brought out some of the best PC games from time to time.

The entire gaming experience that Call of Duty brings with itself is tremendous. Hence individuals from many quarters are already hailing it to be better than the now popular PUBG.

Combat experience

The very experience of combat, weapons, etc. that the game brings forth is vastly superior to that of PUBG. There is a different kind of realism when you sit down to play this game, be it because of the variety of game modes or some other battle features. Call of Duty is here to establish itself as one of the best FPS games of all time.

If you have played the PC version of the game, then you will be quite comfortable at playing the mobile version too. The PC gaming experience has been completely replicated on the smartphone.

Different game modes, such as Free for All, Deathmatch, Domination, etc., is seen here. You can also start with the Battle Royale after you have reached level 5 in the game.

Game modes

The frontline mode and the deathmatch modes are the regular modes for making kills. The team of players that would reach the target first is declared as the winner here.

In the domination mode, players will be facing a test of team effort and how players in a team coordinate with each other. Battle Royale is, however, the mode that is being talked about mostly. This mode in Call of Duty mobile is far better than that of PUBG.

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Engaging in combat

The combat mode in Call of Duty is far more engaging than that of PUBG. The different vehicles that you can use here are very much appropriate for situations.

Even the terrain where you play the game looks quite real. It is a far cry from the blotched grass and unnatural looking ice that one gets to see in PUBG. In Call of Duty, the kind of damage that the guns can cause also looks more reasonable.

Of course, sometimes the combat experience can get a little too close for comfort.

Game modes

There are two types of control mode in Call of Duty. The simple mode is for the beginners and the advanced mode for those people who wish to have a certain degree of control over their movement and trigger. The button layout that gamers will encounter in the game is relatively satisfactory.

Of course, players can customize it according to their liking and modify the default mode. Here one will not be able to see footsteps of the enemy as once could in PUBG mobile. This might prove to be a bit difficult for some people used to PUBG, but generally, it adds to the excitement.

It’s time for war

The combat setting in Call of Duty, as well as the feature-laden map, represents an actual warzone. One can find oneself in a deserted land, a luxury yacht that has been abandoned, etc. in the settings, and different special ops teams are usually deployed.

The gameplay here is quite smooth here in comparison to both PUBG as well as Modern Combat. Movements are entirely free of any lags, and you can set targets easily too.

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Playing the game

You will realize that there is undoubtedly more than a straight-shooting approach that one can encounter in Call of Duty. There is a lot of strategies involved in playing this game.

You can call in for drone strikes, monitor your enemies from air, or deploy bomb payloads whenever necessary. You can kill many enemies in a row or and earn scoring streaks.

There are many deadly weapons in store for gamers here, such as a grenade launcher that takes out many enemies at once. There is a flamethrower gun that will burn away many enemies at once too.


Loadout is the area of the game where you begin to get prepared for the battle ahead. The sheer variety of weapons that is available for you is quite impressive. There are quite a few augmentation options that you can make use of here too. There are lethal as well as tactical weapons for the players to choose from.

People even have the option of customizing their weapons according to their choice. The game is impressive beyond words gamers from all around the world will be vouching for it too.

Some features

The kill cam feature that one gets to see in Call of Duty makes provisions for players to watch their last kill in a match, in slow motion. Call of Duty has made a smooth transition from PC to mobile.

The mobile version of the game is not less than the PC version by any means. The game can even appear to be a bit overwhelming for beginners. There are too many modes, shooting contests as well as customization options for one to choose here.

However, if a player has got beyond those initial jitters, then this game becomes exciting.

PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile


The time taken for matchmaking in Call of Duty Mobile is similar to that of PUBG mobile. If servers are overloaded, then the issue is different.

The in-depth review by many gamers has placed Call of Duty mobile in a league above PUBG in the FPS segment. The weapons and gadgets that most players are used to handle make a grand entry now into smartphones through Call of Duty mobile.

These factors coupled with really smooth gameplay has propelled the game to be at the top of the charts and it is likely to stay there for quite some time.

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