FIFA 20 - Jadon Sancho

FIFA 20 Review: Our Opinion

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FIFA 20 - Jadon Sancho

Of all gaming sections, EA Sports has always led the pack when it comes to sports games. Their FIFA series is easily the most popular of their games and has gamers itching for new ones to come out.

Sports games do have a stereotype for being uninventive, but the stigma is fading with new innovative changes in many of the games. EA Sports have begun introducing Story Mode into their games, creating a more involved experience for the gamer.

On top of that, new options in their multiplayer modes are allowing for more varied and customizable gameplay.

With the new release of FIFA 20, everyone is wondering what they’ve done to up their game. After playing it, we can tell you that it has some excellent new modes and options that make it the best FIFA to date.

Its new mode, Volta mode, brings back the gameplay of FIFA Street, which was released back in 2012. This mode is more relaxed on rules and therefore is an excellent mode to start in if you’re a new player and aren’t familiar with the FIFA controls.

The arcade-style gameplay is also unique to this mode, making it different and fun.

While FIFA already has quite the following, it never hurts to get new players into the game. With the introduction of this mode they not only appeal to the FIFA veterans but also can hook new players in as well.

It’s a great way to get used to the controls and gameplay before jumping into multiplayer mode.

We tested out Volta mode and here is what we found.

FIFA 20 Volta Mode

FIFA 20 Volta Mode

As newcomers to FIFA, we wanted to test out Volta mode to see if it was easy for beginners to figure out. After a few minutes of running around, we got a pretty decent handle on the movement of the players and were ready to have a test game.

When starting in Volta Mode you can choose to go Store Mode or Multiplayer. For this review, we went Story Mode so we could have a chance to play with the controls and figure it all out before attempting to challenge anyone.

Story Mode will have you playing against bots. These bots have different difficulty levels which will allow you to build your skills. We tried out a greater difficulty unintentionally and got smashed so, if you’re like us, you may want to start on an easier difficulty.

There are full tutorials available in-game that will give a thorough breakdown as to how the game is played. We recommend taking the time to go through them, so you understand the controls before playing.

Even though Volta Mode has much fewer regulations than regular mode there are still some key components to familiarize yourself with. This street-style mode is played on a smaller field that is surrounded by walls.

This makes it much easier to see what’s going on than in the larger fields. Also, the teams only have four players each, as opposed to 11, so you have fewer players to control. Controlling 11 players can be daunting, especially as a new player.

The tutorial helped better prep us to play, and we were able to win our next match against the easier bots. On top of the apparent benefits for newbies to learn the basics of FIFA 20, the Story Mode provides a unique storyline. This creates a sort of attachment to the characters of the game as opposed to just repetitive gameplay.

Volta Mode isn’t the only mode for single players to enjoy in FIFA 20. There is also Career Mode.

FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20 Career Mode

The Career Mode in FIFA 20 has some new and inventive aspects that create depth to your gaming experience. This is much more than just playing soccer.

In FIFA 20 you will not only play on the field but also be the manager of the team. Your role is vital to the teams’ success, and the choices you make as manager will directly affect the growth of your players. In turn, if you make bad choices, your team will suffer the consequences.

Their morale represents your player’s growth. You want the members of your team to have high morale so their stats with increase if they have low morale than their stats will decrease.

One example of how you will use your managerial skills is through press conferences. After you play a match, you will attend a press conference and be asked a series of questions.

These will range from how the game went, to specific ones about the players on your team. The answers you give and how you perform will either boost or lower your player’s morale.

Through your career, this will have a dramatic effect over your team growing their stats or losing stats.

How We Rate FIFA 20

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If you’re not into sports games, the idea of another FIFA may seem uninteresting, but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. FIFA 20 provides many layers of gameplay that are unique and innovative.

For the die-hard FIFA fans, there is the deeper and more involved Career Mode, which give you more control over the growth of your team throughout your career. Of course, you can always hit multiplayer mode, which still offers the classic gameplay fans know and love.

For newbies, Volta Mode provides a gateway into the world of FIFA with the street-style gameplay. The variety of options in FIFA 20 make it stand above the rest in the series.

In general, we’d rate this game high, especially for sports fans. If you’re not into sports at all, then you may not be convinced to dive deep into this game, even with the new modes.

We love the fact that they have branched out and tried to make this game playable for veterans and newbies, making it an all-inclusive option.

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