Mario Kart Tour Review

Mario Kart Tour Review

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Mario Kart Tour Review

Racing with the Fantasies in Mario Kart Tour

We always had a fan base for the game Mario. More than the fascination of the game, the character which ran through the screen would remain etched in our memory.

The game taught us to cross the hurdles of life, and the original music still lingers in our mind. It surely does in most of the readers who had played the game at least once.

The story behind the game Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour has changed its outlook from that it was before. It now consists of a better Mario. A man with a red-coloured cap and moustache. The picture of Mario that hovers in our mind has got upgraded to new levels.

Not only has that it now had efficient and colourful hurdles. Though Mario still increases in height when it gets bonuses. The bonus comes in various forms. The arena of gaming has changed on a large scale. When it was just running, jumping and walking, it turned now to move on wheels.

The car is painted in red which runs through the middle of the road. It overtakes the other villains and the ones who are at the back. It also many other competitors with whom the player has to play.

There are still a lot of things which would remind of the previous ones. The banana peels and the power-up like red shells are back. They quickly energize the character so that it gains power.

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has made it free of something

Freedom from the tireless adds that peeps in other games. Though it a single-player game that the player has to play with the built-in program.

It is an excellent game where the Mario races through the road with magnificent graphics. The look of Mario has changed from the previous versions. The player would now enter into a real-world which belong to Mario.

Moreover, the game is based on various streets which are very common. They contain many famous monuments and buildings like Eiffel Tower and many others. This part of the game has a role to play. It adds charm to the game, and the player is drawn into the game.

How to play the game?

Nintendo has come up with the primary gaming of racing though filled with different amusements. It consists of the Mario in its usual form but with advanced features. The controls of the touch screen can easily play the game It has enabled to give efficient movements and turns. Every fast and meagre bends can be taken with the help of screen controls.

The advanced and new speed-up booster rejuvenates the speed of the car. It takes the vehicle from typical speeds to top speeds where it can overtake every other competitor. The car can also fly with the help of wings that get attached at the top of the car.

The developers have come up with a simple interface that is worth praising. The light control in-game ensures its wide range of players. Players from children to teenagers and even casual gamers can enjoy the game.

Mario Kart Mobile

The fun plays in the game Mario Kart Tour

The game has cup tours that make the player win prizes. On behalf of that, the gamer receives stars which help him unlock the next level. This part of the game is very enthusiastic. It increases the interest in playing the game.

The car of Mario would glide through various well-known streets like Cheep Cheep Lagoon and Rock Rock Mountain. The more exciting part is that it player need not take tension about the place. It goes smooth through any area he chooses. The player can only enjoy the scenic beauty of the game.

It can speed the same underwater!

The speciality of the game is that it has been made very lucid. While Mario drives the car underwater, it takes no tension about the speed or the enemy behind. The chief money of the game is rubies which can be spent on any issues. Moreover, the game enables the player to choose different vehicles and characters.

The advances are beyond the thoughts of the player. The iconic sign of Super Mario which had special significance, has been changed to giant cannon. It was a warp pipe, and it delivered the mysterious prizes during the game. The rubies that the player gets while he wins the race can be utilized in various manners. It can be used to get new characters.

The loot boxes need to be mentioned which are captured. They add points and growth to the character. It is a more significant part to see the simple and lucid character which enlightened our days at childhood took a massive turn. Nintendo has made the developments so that we do not miss a bit of gaming.

Mario Kart Mobile Review

It can be played on a mobile!

The game has features that can smoothly run on iOS and Android phones. It is much simple than it looks. The display and internal content make the game to be played in a simple platform. To boost up the player can use the different gestures in touch and the easy control comes handy.

The cup games can be easily played where there are two-lap races. Not only has that but also challenged races to follow. It almost feels that the player is racing against a real human being. Also, they are easy to defeat, and this increases the chance of the player to win.

During the game, the player can win stars that help unlock the locked levels. The player can win the gears which help develop their skills during the game. There is also another facility that helps unravel the mysteries behind the game.

It has the prize wheel or the warp pipe which gives the loot boxes to the player. Thus the player must be all set before he ventures into the world of Mario Kart Tour. It has a simple style and complex gameplay. The fantasies and nostalgia intertwined with the game have a more significant role to play.

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